Technology today offers unprecedented opportunities for learning and productivity, yet many organizations struggle to effectively use technology. What is needed is a comprehensive, 360-degree strategy to enhance digital learning and teaching in a meaningful, tangible way.

Why Do Digital Learning Strategies Fail?

Strategies fail when disjointed, random acts of digitization are implemented. Simply improving technology and infrastructure is insufficient. Rather than a tech-first mindset, what is needed is a learner-centered approach that aligns the strategy to the organization’s business model. Digital Learning 360° provides for an end-to-end value-proposition to its clients. Ours is a holistic approach that encompasses not just implementation, but also integration of technology.

The Digital Learning 360° Difference

Digital Learning 360° partners with its clients to develop a comprehensive digital learning strategy, based on the client organization’s goals, context, and priorities. Our comprehensive approach includes evaluating existing systems, identifying opportunities for improvement, and leveraging these opportunities through a 360-degree strategic plan. This holistic approach empowers our clients with the tools and resources needed to build a strong foundation for digital transformation and maximize their Return on Investment (ROI).

Our digital learning strategy service consists of three-steps:



We analyze your organization’s long-term objectives, technology infrastructure, barriers to scalable digital access, and available resources. We do this by undertaking a “discovery” process and applying Harvard-based best practices and expertise.



We identify opportunities for innovations, evaluate options, and propose a clear strategy for the digital transformation.



We develop an action plan to enable learners to realize their full potential and empower your organization for post-COVID success.

Position your organization for digital transformation with the right strategy.